Hello there! My name is Jonny Mayer, and I am originally from the great Kansas City, MO - with emphasis on the Missouri side. I kept college semi-local, and graduated from the University of Missouri with a BSBA in Finance and Real Estate in just three years, instead of the usual

four. During that time, I was the Secretary for the Trulaske College of Business Student Council, I tutored Statistics and Economics, and I was both the Social Chair and Kansas City Rush Chair for my fraternity.

I knew I couldn’t miss the fourth and final year of debauchery with my friends, so instead of entering the real world, I pursued my MBA. After interviews and submitting my scores, I found out I had a full-ride to the Crosby MBA Program at the University of Missouri. They even wanted me, the 20-year-old, to teach Finance to sixty undergraduate students ranging in age from freshman to seniors. It was funny until I would see them out at the bar on a Tuesday, that more or less took any authority I had away. But, minor details. Hindsight is always 20/20. 

Life comes at you fast though. In what seems like overnight, I went from being “funemployed” the summer between the first and second year of my MBA, to packing up a U-Haul, and moving to Denver, Colorado. To me, the decision was easy. Others may not have agreed, but I knew what I was doing was right for me. I needed a new perspective on life before I went full-blown stir crazy. 
I had more than five jobs within six months when I moved to Denver. Three didn't last longer than a week. One lasted almost four months. I guess I can say with confidence I understand why the fam bam was worried. 


I was able to find work at two incredible startups (Thanx & FareHarbor) in Denver, CO. In my downtime, I turned my passion for writing into a book titled Three Little Words (available on Amazon). After that, I continued my trek west and landed in sunny Los Angeles, CA. Since being here, I have worked at two remarkable, future-focused ad agencies (Phenomenon & McKinney), and I continue to look forward to what's to come. 
While there are days I wish I was complacent, those days are few and far between. There’s no blueprint for life. We have people that raised us to look up to for guidance, but you and you only should be in charge of your own destiny. Life does not have to be gloomy.
Question everything around you, and always be making sure that you are doing what you love. This quote is in the book as well, but live so that death has nothing to steal from you. It takes all of its power away.

All my best,