Have More Fun was my absolute favorite three-word phrase from Three Little Words. At this point in time, seeking fun keeps me entertained & energized.


Every time I'm typing an email and catch a glimpse of the HMF tattooed on my finger, I can't help but smile & realize that whatever stress I am feeling is not worth it.


And let me tell ya - this is much different than the feeling my mom got when she first saw the tat. In her defense, if I do ever decide to get married, the ring on my finger will make it look like I got "MF" tattooed on my finger instead of Have More Fun. And while that may be the accurate representation of making such a decision..I do have a good alt. Married Forever. That one brought her to a soft smile and a forced, "I like it."

Although the left would look like I condone chain smoking, I actually just really think that you should never miss a good photo opportunity. I did used to love a good cigarette, and even tried to be hip by hitting the Juul with all the cool teens. However, Jan 1, 2020 - quit absolutely cold turkey. 


I don't think anyone would argue that I ever had a problem with . In 2020, I am looking to live